Saturday, December 8, 2012



1 cup
1 tbsp
Marie Biscuits
1 pack
2 packs
Caramel Sauce/ Syrup
½ cup
Chocolate Chips
As needed
Chocolate Sauce
For decoration
Praline Crunch
For decoration


In a pan, warm the water and add coffee then mix. Once mixed, take it off the burner. In a deep bowl, line half the pack of biscuits on the bottom and the side then moisten them with the coffee mixture. In a separate bowl, mix cream, chocolate chips and caramel sauce. Mix well and spoon half of the mixture in the bowl, over the biscuits. Make a second layer with biscuits over the cream, moistened with coffee again, pouring the cream on top. Decorate with chocolate sauce and praline crunch.

Praline Crunch

Melt 1 cup sugar in a pan, caramelize and add your choice of coarsely chopped nuts as soon as the sugar turns golden in color. Mix properly and let it set, then crumble with your fingers to make the crunch.

Image Courtesy: Google.