Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pizza Topped Bread.

I want a special breakfast on Sundays. No exceptions, every Sunday has to have a special breakfast. It's a weekend, you deserve a good meal and so do I.

When you live in an area (like mine) which has absolutely horrible naan chanay, nihari, parathas and halwa puri (weep), you have to rely on your own cooking skills. You're starving, you need good food and you need it NOW.



½ (small)
½ (small)
Mustard Paste
2 tsp
Cheddar Cheese
According to taste (and greediness)
As needed
Bread Slices
As needed

Cut up everything into small pieces. 

Mix in a bowl, add cheese and mustard. 

Spread evenly on to bread slices, top it up with a layer of extra cheese if needed. 

Pop in the griller and turn on the flame from both ends.

 If you don't have a griller, take a grill pan and add the bread slices. Cover it up and turn down the flame to low. The cheese should melt in the accumulated steam. 

Aaaaand voila! 

Wonderful cheesy goodness.

Note: The serving is just for one starving person. If you have more than one to feed, I suggest you increase the ingredients considerably. 

Note 2: No complaining about the bad pictures. My camera is on a hiatus, and I only have my phone to rely on.

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