Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Egg & Cheese Lasagna.


4 (boiled)
White sauce
1-2 cups
Salt and pepper
To taste
Cheddar cheese
As needed
Mozzarella cheese
As needed
Lasagna strips
As needed
A pinch
Rosemary leaves
A pinch
¼ tsp


First, boil the lasagna strips and set them aside (run cold water on them after draining; they won't stick together). Then boil the eggs and cut them however you like. Make the white sauce ( - ingredients and method for the sauce). Spread a light layer of the sauce on the bottom of the dish you plan to use in the oven. Then start building the layers: first the lasagna strips, then the sauce, the eggs, the two cheeses, black pepper and finally the herbs. For the last layer: lasagna strips, sauce, cheeses and black pepper. Limit the eggs to only two layers, so the third will come out looking smooth with no lumpy filling. Bake on 250 degrees centigrade for 20-25 mins. Turn off the heat when the sauce starts bubbling or the top starts to turn golden brown. Let it sit in the oven for 5 mins, then take out and serve hot. 

Note: This is really, really full of cheese. Only have it if you're in the mood for a filling cheesy, saucy meal.


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